How long do Jack Russells live?

Jack Russells often live to be 16 years old, and stay active right up until the end of their lives. One Jack Russell living in California is 17 years old, and her owners claim she has as much energy as she had when she was a puppy.

How long do Jack Russells stay puppies?
Some people say that Jack Russells never grow up! They remain active and full of energy long after they reach adulthood, which is two years of age. The primary difference between an adult Jack and a puppy of the breed is that adult Jack Russells have honed their hunting skills and have become more assertive and sometimes even more aggressive.

How active are Jack Russell Terriers?
They are extremely active, possibly more so than any other breed of dog. They never stop moving, are always looking for something to do, and are constantly on the hunt. In fact, Jack Russells are so active and aggressive about finding prey, they often drive their owners crazy and kill or injure other pets. Jacks who don’t have an outlet for all their energy often become destructive and will dig up the yard, chew up furniture and bark incessantly.

Jack Russells are the canine equivalent of the Energizer Bunny. They keep going and going and going. A Jack Russell may eventually crash on the couch at the end of the day, but that is only if he has spent that day hunting, running outdoors, chasing balls and generally moving nonstop
almost the entire time.

The activity level of the average Jack Russell Terrier is about 10 times that of the average Labrador Retriever, for example. Labs like to run and have fun, but eventually they do sack out on the living room floor. A Jack Russell has to work long and hard before he will have the urge to lie down and sleep for an extended period of time.

Labs also like to take time out to smell the roses. They will kick back and sit at their owner’s sides, watching a sunset or gazing at the birds flying overhead. Jack Russells, on the other hand, are hard pressed to sit still for very long. They aren’t fans of watching sunsets, and would just as soon catch and eat the birds flying overhead instead of gazing at them.


Anonymous said...

Our Jack Russell, Scooter, is 2 months shy of 15. He goes for a walk everyday and still barks and
jumps at the door when we leave. His eyesight is poor, but he makes up for it with his nose. He still has many of his puppy mannerisms which make us laugh every day. The vet told us he is in excellent health, alert and active. We hope to have him around for a while yet.

Meowfarm said...

One of my 3 jacks; Erik, is eleven this month & is nearly as fit as when he was a puppy! He has had hours of exercise daily all his life & is solid muscle still. Keeping fit is second nature to this breed, & if they are given the opportunity can live a very long time. Erik's dad is nearly 21, & i hope Erik will last at least that long. By the way, my 3 live with 3 cats & have learned the hard way to respect them, but do chase any others!

Anonymous said...

thankyou all for your advise. We are picking up our first jack rusell in a few weekstime from a pound. We are told he is about 2, we had a west highland terrier for seven years, we got him when he was 5 he had a very big attitude, this time getting a younger dog we hope to be able to train him before he gets to set in his ways.

Anonymous said...

Our Jack Russell "Sandy" is around 20 years old, she's been very active and healthy all her life but recently has slowed down some.

Jen Medievalmum said...

My Jack Russell, Axel, turned 15 on February 1st this year. He was diagnosed with CCD/CDS 4 months ago. I have had him on the Hills BD and also a herbal suppliment since he was diagnosed. I have never experienced this in a dog before and it is heartbreaking. I was hoping he would live a few more years but I think his time is nearly up. This last week has seen him go down hill very quickly. His breath has a terrible odor, he is hardly eating, and generally looks sad. He is unsteady on his feet too. I am with him 24/7 and just cuddle him constantly... and he loves that. I was hoping he would get his wings peacefully in his sleep but think now I will have to have him PTS after this weekend. It is so sad to see such a cheeky active dog get lost in his own surroundings. Forget to eat and drink... not even bark at the doorbell anymore. He has forgotten nearly everything even tail wagging. Except cuddles... he is content and falls asleep when cuddled. It's just devastating to see him like this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
I am feeling really sad reading your comments about Axel. I too am facing the same sought of heartache with my Jack Russell (Russell) Rus is 16 years and 8 months. A farm dog most of his life except for the last 6 years. He has always loved his walks to the beach and swims as well as FOOD. Rus has gone downhill recently and last week had a turn that lasted the day unable to walk. He has come good and still loves a shorter walk but finds it harder to get around. I have to think for him now as he will forget to come inside when raining etc. I love him to bits and pray that love will see he has a peaceful end. It is nice to see others with as much compassion. thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have a 16 year old Jack. He turns 17 in June of 2014 and he is perfectly healthy. Still chases cats and actively kills rats. His eyesight is little bad but sense of smell is oustanding and we call him the energizer dog, keeps on ticking and ticking.

Anonymous said...

My jack russell turns 17 this summer, he sleeps a lot and cant be bothered to wee outside, he smells and his fur is falling out! He also chases the cats if he sees them has a go at anyone who comes to the house eats like a horse and we love him.

Anonymous said...

My Jack Russell is over 15 yrs old and currently poorly had to leave her at the vets could not bear to get her put to sleep just praying she pulls through has been a marvellous dog and my best friend

Anonymous said...

My Jack Russell Digger has been with me since 1996, He is such a great dog like his name, a champion, 18years old and still going strong ,dose not look slowing down, my wife will be sad though when the time comes, they go everywhere together.

Anonymous said...

Just lost my jack Russell had to put her to sleep devastated was hoping she would pull through hardest decision I have made RIP my best mate will miss you x

Anonymous said...

My JR Cooper is near on 15. He has a collapsing trachea. I am heartbroken his life is ending this way. He has been my true companion and little boy rolled into one. We have him on lots of meds and making him comfortable. I love him so much and its very hard to think of life without him. We hope to get him stable with his meds and enjoy the time we have left. He is an awesome happy fearless dog. I have always loved that about him. XO Coopers Mum

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